agprintshop DESIGN SUPPORT

What is our design support?

Two ways to go

TYPE1:Full design support
Experienced designers will develop design artwork from scratch to print ready file.Recommended for customers who want to develop full design at lowest cost.
TYPE2:Layout change
Touch up or Brush up onto artwork you have initiated or worked based on your request.

Total Pricing

Design fee Basic fee + Option menu fee and Printing cost equal Total cost
Experienced professional will come to talk for your design and print needs. Fastest Turnaround including design work 10 days


Our advantages from other on-line web-to-print

  • Our sales person will visit you for free consultation
    Our sales person will visit you for free consultation

    Local print master will come to consult for your needs.

  • Competitive Pricing
    Competitive Pricing

    Online print pricing is reasonable Have you experienced design work was reasonable but printing cost was high and total cost ended up very pricy? We offer competitive design & print package for you.

  • Custom order made easy through online order
    Custom order made easy through online order

    Usually it is hard to order custom print via online print.

How To Order

Step 1: Please call or email us for quote request Step2: We propose quote based on your request Step3: Sales rep visit you for consultation Step4: Start developing design and check through emails Step5: Print and delivery/pick up

*Please feel free to make an appointment if you would like to have a face to face meeting with actual samples.
Tel : 949-475-9608

Quote Request

Feel free to contact for custom order which are not in the online line ups or custom request other printer has rejected.
We will respond to your request within 2 business days. (The special projects may require more time.)

For estimate on the online line-ups, you can download the estimate in PDF form when you go to your shopping cart.
Please see the guidance for how to print your estimate.

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Type 1: Full design package

Single sided print: $ 98
Quote may vary depending on the details.

Price List

Type 2: Layout change (base price)

*Lead time is about one week.

Product Price
Business cards $ 78
Member cards $ 78
Postcards $ 98
Double spread postcards $ 118
Single side 1/5 size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 21 ~
Single side ¼ size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 32 ~
Single side1/3 size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 42 ~
Single side1/2 size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 78 ~
Single side full size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 98 ~
Double side 1/5 size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 38 ~
Double side 1/4 size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 58 ~
Double side 1/3 size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 78 ~
Double side 1/2 size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 148 ~
Double side full size (Up to 3 time edits) $ 178 ~

Type 2: Layout change (more options)

Please add option below when basic plan is not enough to meet your needs.Option menu will be added to your basic plan choice. Basic plan + Option price = total design cost

Product Price
Map development $ 15
Illustration development $ 30
Floor plan development $ 15
Additional file edit $ 80 -
Additional design direction 80% of basic plan
Copy writing*A4 size $ 600 -
Hand writing thumb nail (one direction) $ 300
Product Price
Logo mark Trace $ 15
Picture Trim $ 5
Scanning *smaller than A4 $ 10
Logo mark design *3 directions $ 200
Picture shooting*studio one day rent $ 1,000
Advertising plan development $ 1,000

Minor layout change service

*Same day- one day
*Finalizing artwork for small changes

Product Price
Picture change (print ready file prepress check included) $ 5 /picture change (using the file previous printed with us) $ 7 /picture
Copy change (up to 100 letters) $ 7 /one section
Copy change (up to 300 letters) $ 100 /one section
Copy change (more than 300 letters) Custom quote